Until the early 1900s all cognac was shipped in barrels. The long sea-voyages had a profound effect on the quality of the cognac. When cognac started to be shipped in bottles the magical effect was lost. Until now.

Our cognac, still in Limousin oak barrels, undertakes a 3-month sea voyage around the world. The combination of movement, temperature variations, airpressure changes and the magic of the seas during this 90 day sea voyage, creates a seamless perfection in the blend as well as an unrivalled smoothness that is characteristic of the KELT cognacs.


During the Tour du Monde each molecule of the cognac is in contact with wood repeatedly as the cognac is washed around in the barrels. This produces a remarkable ageing effect in just three months.

Aging is a chemical reaction. Chemical reactions are speeded up by adding heat. During the Tour du Monde the temperature goes very high, especially when passing through warmer climates which is for most of the voyage.

At sea the air pressure changes constantly. This makes the Limousin oak contract and expand adding new oxygen and persuading the Limousin oak to part with its most delicate qualities.

The combination of movement, temperature and air pressure explains the aging factor. The sea voyage also gives our cognacs a smoothness which no other brand can attain as well as a depth of flavours which it difficult to find today.