Cognac-making has developed over centuries into the artform
it is today. There are four principal components determining
the quality of a cognac. We have added a fifth.


Cognac, like other wine-producing regions in France is divided into sub-areas with one, which has the most favourable soil and geographical conditions. In Cognac, the best or Premier Cru area is Grande Champagne.


In Cognac we use principally Ugni Blanc grapes to produce the wine. The wine produced is ideal for distilling and is quite low in alcohol and acidic. It is made specially for distillation. Distillation is made in traditional copper pot-stills and the distillation is made twice to a degree of 70% Alc/Vol or 140 proof.


The ageiing is, arguably the most important since this is where the qualities of the distilled wine is developed but also where much of the quality of the cognac is added from the oak barrels. Cognac must be aged in French oak barrels. We consider the Limousin oak to be the best suited for Grande Champagne and we strive to use this type of oak in everything which we do.


The blending of cognac is an art. The highly skilled artists, the Master Blenders blend different cognacs together to bring flavours and aromas together to the specific style of their Cognac House.