KELT Christopher Columbus is a blend created in 1991 for the 500-year Jubilee of Christopher Columbus journey of discovery to America in 1492. This product is part of the Explorer Collection and will be launched in the US in 2016. It has been selling in Europe and Asia since 1992 and sold in the US in 1992 as an American Express Platinum exclusive.

This cognac is the epitomy of a traditional EXTRA quality Grande Champagne. In the old days it was said a Grande Champagne should not be held in barrels for more than 35 years. This was the EXTRA quality. With this complex but very traditional blend this is exactly the tasting age which we endeavour to attain.

Once the blending is completed we embark on the Tour du Monde. This is the legendary 3 month Ocean Maturation exclusive to KELT which brings out hidden qualities in the Limousin oak and rounds off the cognac in a beautiful and unique way making the KELT cognac the smoothest on the market while presenting a remarkably broad pallet of tastes and aromas.

We use our extensive experience and stock of Limousin oak barrels in the most creative way to get the maximum effect from the Ocean Maturation. For our Commodore we use barrels of between 15-18 years of a particular quality and history. The exact composition and details are a closely guarded secret know only to two persons within the company.

The blending and Tour du Monde puts our Explorer Collection COLUMBUS in a tasting age in the very upper echelons of the EXTRA quality.
  • Dark amber, mahogany
  • Delicate scents of flowers:
  • narcissus, jasmine, honeysuckle
  • Multifaceted touch of tawny
  • port and walnut
  • Subtle wood notes: vanilla oak,
  • cedar wood, cigar box
  • Candied fruits: tangerine, apricot, pear
  • Velvety and sophisticated on the palate
  • Very complex and unique
  • Incredible finish, at least
  • 30 minutes on the palate


Grande Champagne
Tour du Monde


Grande Champagne
Tour du Monde


Grande Champagne
Tour du Monde