Cognac is matured in oak barrels. There are many oak producing areas around the world which are used for barrel production. The French areas are the following: Argonne, Vosges, Nevers, Tronçais, Allier, Bourgogne, Armagnac (Landes) and Limousin. KELT uses principally Limousin oak barrels for ageing the KELT Cognac.

Oxidation and evaporation (in Cognac the evaporation is referred to as- “the Angels’ share”). Evaporation is between 1-2,5% per year depending on the “chai” (storage cellar or house). Changes occur – reduction in volume and reduction in alcohol, extraction of wood characteristics from the Limousin oak and concentration of flavours. Expert cognac makers selectively blend different barrels together to create their particular “house style” of cognac.


The cognac, still in Limousin oak barrels, undertakes a 3-month sea voyage around the world. The combination of movement, temperature variations, air-pressure changes and the magic of the seas produce a truly unique combination of flavours and aromas as well as producing the legendary smoothness that KELT is known for.

Celebrating the Tour du Monde and the magic of the oceans, our packaging has a marine theme centered around our unique bottle shape, based on a French navy decanter from 1740.